7/27/13 Gameplay Trailer: Undead Overlord

Today marked the release of the first UnDO gameplay trailer. Loads of cool footage with an awesome soundtrack from our resident audio wizard Gunnar Madsen. See how the game progresses from a single patient zero through zombie mobs and mutations, all under your control! Watch the video!

We also have a new IndieDB page set up for the game.

6/22/13 Reboot: Undead Overlord

After about a year of working behind the scenes to create a playable version of our latest concoction, a zombie dominion RTS game, JumpCore is proud to announce the launch of the UnDead Overlord website.

UnDead Overlord is playable enough that we will be showing a bunch of in-game footage in our first gameplay trailer! We're psyched to be working on a fun, thoughtful game . . . about exploding heads and gruesome zombie death! :-)

So sign up for updates from Facebook or Google+ or Twitter, and let us bring the apocalypse to your front door in a way that you've never seen it happen before!